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Check out my bio here. You'll see that I am passionate about teaching what I know. I have a grounding from training with many of the great international and local trainers. Competition experience taught me even more and has given me so much success with my dogs. Success in connection, enjoyment, and the occasional big fat ribbons, podiums and championships. But mostly I just love to see my dogs perform, have fun, and move beautifully and safely.  I am currently enrolled in the University of Edinburgh's post graduate program in clinical animal behaviour. That means I can bring the latest in research and knowledge to help your pet with your real life issues and challenges.

Here is a selection of ideas that we can work on in private sessions in my training space. If I can’t help you, I’ll direct you to another trainer. As I say, I train what I know: 

  • Connection and communication through the 6 channels to your dog’s understanding
  • Puppy Foundations for Life and Sport
  • Conditioning for sport
  • Focus games
  • Verbal cues for handling and distance skills
  • Motivation training for timid or excited dogs
  • Obedience for life skills
  • Tricks and canine freestyle
  • Jump Training - form and take-off choices

Pricing and Packages

All Items PLUS HST

One hour $50 + HST = 57.50

Half hour $30 + HST = $34.50

6 one-hour sessions for $240 + HST = 276

6 half-hour sessions for $150 + HST = 172.50


Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Address and contact upon booking


Life Skills and Behavioural Consults 

We offer various options for setting your household up for success and getting rid of any pesky issues that crop up with your puppy or adult dog. We do one-on-one consults in your home or in our training space. We can set up real life training in public and at parks as well. We can do online consults as well. Zoom and Facebook are at my side for your needs.

My training program is tailored to your specific needs. Each dog is an individual and I respect them as such. Force free training, with minimal intervention, is my philosophy and way of working.

Please email me for an initial discussion about your behaviour and life skills needs. gay @  


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