I love watching dogs learn!

Every dog wants to play and bond with you. Sports build that  bond and give dogs an outlet for their energy and intelligence.  Let's work together to reach your dog's full potential and grow that relationship you deserve.

About Me

I earned a certification in Canine Fitness from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in 2015 with a plan to develop fitness programs for my own dogs based on the sound foundation of canine sports medicine. I would eventually want to grow those programs into support for others in achieving their fitness goals. I have been involved in competitive canine sports since 2002, competing successfully in a host of sports such as agility, flyball, obedience, rally obedience, herding, and canine freestyle. With my canine partners I've managed to achieve top placements at agility Nationals and multi-sport titles. However, my ultimate measure of success is the joy for the game and the connection I have with my furry team-mates. That success comes with concern for the whole athlete by giving them the tools they need mentally and physically to engage in elite level sports activities.

I have a passion for learning. I am always looking to learn from from top trainers, coaches, and behaviorists. I've attended seminars with the very best competitors and trainers in the world . A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to connect with Kelly Sutton, a Karen Pryor Certified Trainer out of Saint John, NB. Kelly is well-versed in training canine musical freestyle and has been kind enough to mentor me in passing on her knowledge of the sport. I have taken Freestyle courses online, as well, with Julie Flanery, a top World Freestyle Competitor and founder of Rally FrEe, a musical freestyle rally sport. 

With my studies in canine fitness, I realized immediately the benefit of freestyle skills and choreography to cross training for canine athletes in fine muscle development, body awareness, proprioception, and core-strengthening. The added benefit I have found with my own dogs is the incredible focus and bond that it builds for our teamwork that translates into improved performance across all our other sports activities.

I'm hoping I can provide to other handlers and trainers support in achieving their goals and bring the peace of mind that comes with fitness certification and first hand experience.

Gay Harley, Cert CF
Lower Sackville, NS
gay @ excelcanine.com

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