Massage & Acupressure

I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist, specializing in sports massage to support canine sports prep and performance. I've also trained in canine acupressure and kinematics. Massage aids in lymphatic drainage, brings circulation to working muscles, improved recovery time and range of motion. 

Massage & Acupressure

Our dogs work hard. Every day. Whether they are playing in the backyard or training and competing in dogsports, they are challenging their bodies and pushing their muscles. Dogs don't slow down and they aren't smart about muscle soreness. Massage helps dogs recover from overwork and every day muscle strain. I am a certified canine massage therapist who is a practitioner in myofascial release and deep muscle sports massage, as well as canine fitness. I am currently taking appointments to build a limited client base. First contact, online and telephone consult is free. Initial assessment is $125 in-home, at a venue (plus mileage if outside of HRM) or at my location in Lower Sackville. At that time we will assess status of the dog, range of motion, and performance factors. Follow-up massages are priced by time used. Conditioning programs will be incorporated into the regimen, as appropriate. Every dog is different in their needs. So the program for follow-up will be determined at the time of assessment with a quote for an ongoing program.  Book your initial consult online or email me at gay @

Sports Massage

On site sports massage at events offers many benefits. Mentally, it keeps the dogs focused and relaxed, ready to perform at their best. Physically the lymphatic drainage, better distribution of oxygen and nutrients. release of muscle tension, contribute to a safer performance outcome and a happier Monday morning athlete. Dogs are subject to the same sore muscle, day-after effect that we humans feel after playing sports. The phenomenon is known as delayed onset muscle soreness and it can cause chronic soreness with scar tissue. On site, day-of massage during the event will mitigate that soreness and help prevent ongoing issues. Look for us at dogsports events. Hosts can contact us for vending opportunities at their event. Email me at gay @ 

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