Sports are for every dog!

So much more than a fun activity, sports enrich your relationship with your dog. Increase your bond and build communication skills.  Check out classes in your area and register for the one that fits your dog.

Jump for Sport!

Agility Prep Class

This is a prep-class for jumping with your dog in any sport. It is beginner’s guide to getting your dog ready for agility, obedience, or protection sports. Appropriate for any dog and handler, this course will cover the basics of jumping and play. It will build a drive for jumping that makes a great foundation for puppies, pets, and sports dogs in their chosen activities. We’ll also focus on keeping the dogs sound for a long career with a fitness routine that would be suitable for any dog including elder dogs looking for a healthy workout. Lots of jump exercises and conditioning that you can practice at home , as well as grids and patterns that will jump-start your agility career.

Anyone thinking of joining agility classes will find this gives you a great head-start on many of the skills you need for that sport!

 Tuesdays 5:45pm March 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Jumping 4 Week Intensive - For Agility & safety 

Jump skills mechanics and associated strength training for core strength and proprioception

This is a class for those who are interested in teaching their dog a safe and effective jump style. The class is appropriate for those in foundation agility, pre-competition, and competition dogs. The goal of this class is to give dogs the foundation skills for getting over the bars safely and effectively through proper mechanics (one jump work), athleticism (exercises), and choosing appropriate take off points (grids). These three elements work together to give dogs confidence and capacity to perform jumps well, leave the bars up, and lessen the chance of long term injury.

 Because dogs are usually enthusiastic and natural jumpers, the performance training for bars is often left to default. This often results in over-jumping, early take-offs, and bar-dropping. Inappropriate jumping style may get the dogs over the bars, but they are often straining their psoas muscles and putting extra wear and tear on their bodies. The newer, more technical courses and difficult approaches compound the difficulty of the jumping effort, resulting in more strain on the back and knees. This course will give you the tools to teach your dog a safer, more effective jump performance to ensure success and longevity in their agility career. NOTE: This is not a handling class. Performance skills for jumping only will be covered.

 This module includes:

  • jump mechanics over one jump
  • techniques for teaching safe and proper movement over bars during wraps, backsides, and slicing
  • techniques for teaching safe and appropriate movement for collection and extension
  • jump grids to support learning
  • exercises specific to jump skills, strength, and body awareness
  • individual video analysis and breakdown at each stage of jump foundation

Four Weeks : Tuesdays at Nova Dogsport in Halifax.

Or Saturdays in Bridgewater @ noon.

Agility Foundations

Pre-requisites: basic relationship foundations – connection with your dog and basic recall

This course is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about the sport of agility and get started on the foundations for fun or competition. I have been competing in the sport of agility since 2002, with podium results and championship wins at both regional and national levels. In 2015, I earned a certification in Canine Fitness which helps me ensure that all training and movement is safe and beneficial for the dog.

This 6-week session will focus on teaching the foundation skills for building a great agility team. The course will include games to increase focus, drive, and control. Teams will learn the skills to navigate agility sequences with great connection and understanding. Beginning obstacle skills and handling techniques will be covered as well.

Sundays at 1:30pm Nova Dogsport. Halifax, NS

Tuesdays at 5:45pm Nova Dogsport, Halifax, NS

Wednesday at 7:00pm and 8:00pm at Stewart Memorial Dog Park, Chester Basin, NS

Saturdays at 1:15pm. Bridgewater, NS

Fee: 6 weeks $160 incl HST

NEW CLASSES START March 26 at Nova Dogsport- 4:30PM

NEW CLASSES START May 22 in Chester Basin 6PM AND 7PM

NEW CLASSES START May 25 in Bridgewater - 1:15PM



Canine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle is a fun and engaging sport that can be enjoyed by any type of dog or handler. Often described as dancing with your dog, canine freestyle builds on the teamwork between dog and handler that is based on tricks and movement, carefully choreographed to music.

Canine Freestyle improves the connection with your dog that leads to a healthier relationship and deeper bond. As well, if you’re looking to improve focus and connection for other sports such as agility, disc or rally, Canine Freestyle is a cross training opportunity that will also improve body awareness, fitness, flexibility, focus, and responsiveness.

This class runs 6 weeks. During that time we’ll explore all of the aspects of freestyle including: heeling and transitions, classic tricks, and choreography. We’ll also work through the signs offered by the Rally Free skills list and use their courses to develop deeper connection and focus in a safe and fun environment.

There are no pre-requisites except a willingness to build your connection with your dog, to keep training light-hearted, and dance to the music!

All levels welcome. 

NEXT SET OF CLASSES: TBA, email me to be notified of the next set of classes. 

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