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I want to enable your personal dogsport journey. I have accreditations in Canine Fitness and Canine Massage Therapy because I believe in health and safety.   With 20 years experience in dogsports, I have the tools to give you a happy, healthy, and engaged canine athlete.
Now in Nova Scotia! Objective Gait Analysis with the GAITRite® Walkway system.
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Health, safety, longevity, and performance excellence are possible when you put fitness and movement as top priorities in your dogsport training. We build relationships that last a lifetime, coaching that fuels your unique journey, and a full service wellness hubto assess and sustain canine athletes and pets for the entirety of their lives.

Agility Courses

I teach foundations and advanced agility in venues throughout central Nova Scotia. Students enjoy individual attention that focuses on the bond between handler and dog, as well as independent obstacle performance and enjoyment for the dog and human.

Check out my calendar or message me directly to join any of our ongoing agility classes. 

Jump Training

I am passionate about jump training for dogs in any sport. I've trained under the top jump trainers in North America to focus on giving dogs the safest and most effective training for long jumping careers. Classes are suitable for any dog. They provide essential skills for all canine athletes.

Small group classes, privates, and video sessions are  available. Message me to sign up.


Massage aids in lymphatic drainage, brings circulation to working muscles, improved recovery time and range of motion. Excel Canine provides complete sports massage services, as well as video   performance analysis to target trouble spots before they become chronic. I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist with training in acupressure meridians and techniques.

Objective Gait Analysis

We are pleased to have on site the GAITRite® Walkway for objective gait analysis. We can give you the data to help you understand what's hurting and what's working. The system measures 81 metrics about your dog's movement. With easy to read pdf reports, you'll understand more about your dog and be able to help them overcome lameness and improve your focus in fitness programs.

Gay Harley, Cert. CF, CCMT

I earned a certification in Canine Fitness from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in 2015 with a plan to develop fitness programs for my own dogs based on the sound foundation of canine sports medicine. I would eventually want to grow those programs into support for others in achieving their fitness goals. I have been involved in competitive canine sports since 2000, competing successfully in a host of sports such as agility, flyball, obedience, rally obedience, herding, and canine freestyle. With my canine partners I've managed to achieve top placements at agility Nationals and multi-sport titles. However, my ultimate measure of success is the joy for the game and the connection I have with my furry team-mates. That success comes with concern for the whole athlete by giving them the tools they need mentally and physically to engage in elite level sports activities.

I have a passion for learning and I am always seeking to gather information and mentorship from the best in the sport. I have invested a lot of time ensuring I learn from the top trainers, competitors, and behaviorists such as Jen Pinder, Teresa Rector, Kathy Keats, Jess Martin, Justin Davenport, and Jenny Damm, as well as having online support and video training with Linda Mecklenburg, Denise Fenzi, Julie Flannery, and Daisy Peel.

I enjoy coaching teams to maximize engagement and motivation, as well as quality of movement for the health and proper gaiting of the canine participants.

I want to support handlers and trainers in achieving their goals and bring the peace of mind that comes with fitness certification and first hand experience.

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